How to make friendship bracelets

Embroidery floss bracelets are said to be a sign of friendship, and the addition of inscriptions on them – for example, names only strengthens their symbolism.

Bracelets with embroidery floss in the 90s were one of the most popular gadgets for young people, recently the fashion for self-made bracelets has returned. How to make them? At first it may seem quite difficult to prepare them, but we should not be discouraged by the initial difficulties. Below we present how to make a bracelet from embroidery floss step by step and what are the most attractive designs. Let’s check it out.

Friendship bracelets – how to make?

To make a basic embroidery floss bracelet we need a few things:

  • floss,
  • scissors,
  • a paper clip or a safety pin
  • beads (optional)
friendship bracelets

At the beginning we choose any two colors of cotton thread. It’s best if you use contrasting colors or just those in which you feel best. You can also add beads to already made bracelets by threading them on a embroidery floss every 2-3 knots or at both ends of the bracelet.

  • Fold the embroidery floss in half and tie the loop.
  • The safety pin will help you make the bracelet evenly.
  • Separate colors.
  • Sew the first thread from the left over the second thread. Gently tighten the knot. Make two such knots.
  • Pass the same thread through each thread, making two knots on each. You can thread the beads in the meantime.
  • Do not tighten the knots too hard for the pattern to be even.
  • When you reach the desired length, tie the tip.

Herringbones – a model for more advanced

More advanced in needlework can make a embroidery floss bracelet in a herringbone pattern.

  • At the beginning you need to choose the right length of threads for the wrist. How to do it? Just wrap the wrist loosely three times, then add a few centimeters. This length should be doubled. You choose how many threads your bracelet will consist of. In the case presented below, five colors were used.
  • Divide them into two sides which will give us a total of 10 bands. Put all the threads side by side, fold them in half and make a loop with a finger diameter. Attach the loop to the counter with adhesive tape.
  • Arrange the first half of the threads according to the selected colors. The second is their mirror image.
  • Start braiding the bracelet from the thread located on the left side. Make a loop on the thread next to it.
  • Make the same loop on the next strands, but only up to half of them.
  • On the right side, in a similar way, start to make loops with the thread, starting with the loop on the next thread and then on the threads to the center.
  • Make a loop on both middle threads of the same color and pull up.
  • All you need to do now is to work with the next thread colors starting from the first thread on the left. Slowly from the intricate loops the pattern of our bracelet will begin to appear.
  • Once you get the right size of the bracelet, you need to make two braids at its ends.
  • The last step is to put one of the braids through the loop and then tie both braids together.



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