Sore throat is a common ailment in infections, colds, but is also a sign of many other diseases. If the sore throat is severe, makes it difficult to swallow, and even talk, you should cure it. How to treat a sore throat?

Causes of sore throat

The vast majority of upper respiratory tract infections are responsible for viruses colonizing the oral and throat mucosa, often also the tonsils. They are usually rhinoviruses, enteroviruses and adenoviruses, as well as influenza and herpes virus. Infection occurs through droplets or through direct contact with a sick person. The risk of infection is greater especially in people with weakened immunity, children and the elderly.

What can sore throat mean?

Sore throat can also accompany other conditions. This is a common symptom in infectious diseases of childhood (mumps, chickenpox, rubella), allergies, bronchial asthma or obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

sore throat

It happens that with our activities we facilitate pathogens’ access to mucosa and thus accelerate the development of infection. For example, smoking, as well as passive smoking, strongly irritates the throat mucosa. Alcohol abuse and drinking frozen beverages also do not remain indifferent to our throat. It is also harmful to breathe through the mouth, because the throat mucosa, unlike that in the nasal cavity, does not clean the inhaled air. It is also worth looking at the health of our teeth. Developing caries can cause frequent inflammation of the throat and palatine tonsils.

How to treat a sore throat?

For an infection that is caused by a viral infection, treatment comes down to relieving the symptoms. During the disease, stay at home, relax and avoid factors that could further irritate the throat mucosa. Antipyretic and analgesic preparations based on paracetamol or ibuprofen will work with elevated temperature and pain.

Preparations for the treatment of sore throat

Sore throat can be alleviated by using topical preparations. Benzydamine has a high safety profile, which is why it can be safely used in children and pregnant women. A convenient form of drug administration is an aerosol that allows you to accurately reach inflammatory foci. Aerosol is also a convenience for parents who do not have to worry about the child choking on a pill or lozenge. Benzydamine has an anesthetic effect, which is why it is immediately applied when applied to a source of pain. Importantly, drugs based on it also have a disinfecting effect on developing fungi and bacteria. In many cases, this avoids complications with bacterial infection and antibiotic administration.

Home remedies for sore throat

Infusions and teas can be a relief for a sore throat. Drinking tea with honey, raspberry juice and lemon, chamomile, infusion of linden blossom, black elderberry is the best you can treat your throat. They also help fight infections if it is with an acute sore throat. Gargle with salt water, brewed and cooled chamomile can also alleviate symptoms.



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