Can a doctor of chiropractic prescribe medicine

People who deal with severe pain, whether it is the result of a chronic condition or an acute injury, sometimes choose to see a chiropractor instead of a doctor for relief. Can a doctor of chiropractic prescribe medicine?

Natural healing profession

Chiropractors practicing in the United States cannot prescribe medication or perform surgery. This may sound like a restriction; however, this is in line with the way in which chiropractors think about themselves and their profession.

Chiropractic is sometimes referred to as natural medicine or alternative medicine. As practitioners who believe that the human body can heal in most situations, chiropractors with some skepticism and anxiety perceive the tendency to prescribe painkillers.

What does a chiropractor do?

They can manually adjust the spine to treat many pain in the muscles, nervous system, ligaments, tendons and bones. The chiropractor’s task will be to provide centralized care in the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders. Most of the treatments they would provide would involve manipulation of the spine. They would be able to correct posture, body aches based on correction of spinal cord alignment. Medicine is not part of the treatment they would provide because they would be able to heal only by spine alignment.


Chiropractors: Where can they prescribe medication?

Chiropractors are licensed and regulated in all 50 United States, as well as in over 30 countries around the world. She went a long way, considering that chiropractors were initially imprisoned for practicing medicine without a driver’s license during her early years. But chiropractors have proven the benefits of spine manipulation, and the medical community now recognizes this.

Chiropractors need a license before they can legally adjust their spine. And before they can get this license, they need a diploma in chiropractor care and a lot of training.

There is also the fact that they can make these favorable adjustments only in the state in which they obtained the license.

Obtaining a license is a struggle, as in any profession – but it legitimizes the care of chiropractic, especially in the eyes of those who are not open to alternative forms of treatment.

Still, some restrictions have to be considered. For example, in the case of medications: chiropractors are not really allowed to prescribe them. And most of the time they won’t have to. After all, chiropractor care is based on the philosophy that the body has an excellent way to heal. And by making spine adjustments and spine alignment, problems that hinder this healing process are fixed.

How can you know if they need a change?

You may notice pain or stiffness in your muscles or joints. If you have had any falls, sports injuries or car accidents, you can take advantage of compensation to ensure proper treatment. Other common ailments include headache and migraine, teeth grinding and clenching, and sleep problems.


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