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Having a car in Mexico is a good idea; between large cities such as Mexico that span huge geographic areas and popular cities and towns, it’s important to be able to move. Are cars cheaper in Mexico?

The art of negotiation

In the United States, very few prices are negotiable, but the price of a new car is definitely an exception to the rule. Some people love the negotiation process, while others absolutely hate it. If you belong to the latter group, you will be pleased to hear that prices for new cars in Mexico are not negotiable. In other words, the price is the price.

There are always exceptions, such as negotiating a lower price for a model that was used as a demo. You can also ask them to throw in some free floor mats or services to encourage them to stop visiting another dealer.

Should I bring / import my own car to Mexico or should I just buy a new one in Mexico?

Sending a car to Mexico is not always practical. In fact, the country has recently enacted a law that only allows cars that are exactly 10 years old and in good condition to be imported. Therefore, your new car probably won’t do it – and your older car won’t.

Because the regulations are so strict, it is often wiser to sell your old car before moving and buy a new vehicle when you arrive in Mexico.

Are cars cheaper in Mexico

How can I buy a car in Mexico?

  • Choose a car The most important part of the car purchase process is to narrow down your selection to 1-3 vehicles before visiting dealers, otherwise you will waste a lot of time at Transit, going from dealer to dealer.
  • Test your options. The only way to find out if you’ll enjoy driving a new car is to actually take it for a ride.
  • Make a purchase. In addition to the deposit paid for the car, a reputable dealer will also collect purchase taxes and take care of the vehicle registration process.
  • Buy insurance. Driving an uninsured car in Mexico is illegal.

Hit the road!

What is the cost of owning a car in Mexico?

The cost of the car itself will vary significantly depending on the year, make and model of the car. For example, the new Toyota Corolla costs MXN 262 075. Mexicans also have access to many types of vehicles that do not exist in the United States, which often cost 200,000 MXN or less.

In addition to the cost of the car itself, it is also worth considering the gas prices, which currently weigh 569 MXN. Cars are also subject to VAT, ISAN and local tax, which depend on the value of the vehicle.

After tax, the cost of insurance should be taken into account. Insurance also varies depending on the type of car, but also depending on the age and sex of the driver, as well as the history of his driving. However, the good number is 7500 MXN.



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